A&P Lawn, Landscape and Fence; Located in Mansfield, Texas; we service most of the Mid-Cities and south DFW. (817) 223-8769






 We are A&P Lawn, Landscape and Fence. Located in Mansfield, TX, we service most of the Mid-Cities and south DFW.Residential Mowing:
  • Lawn service consist of mowing your lawn, with commercial equipment, line trimming around obstacles, edging, and blowing off all grass clippings from doorways, walkways, driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios, etc. We keep our blades sharp to prevent tearing of grass and do not remove any more than 1/3 of the total grass height per mow. We charge extra if you require us to bag your lawn clippings. 
  • Average weekly price $30.00 see pricing table

For Service call 817-223-8769 or Contact Us

Our Schedule:

  • Our mowing season begins the week of February 20th. At this time, we start all our customers on a biweekly schedule. Starting the week of April 17th, we will automatically​​switch you to weekly service through the end of September. Beginning in October we will return to biweekly service until the mowing season ends on December 15th. If service is needed during the winter months we do have crews available to provide additional mows.
  • We do not offer biweekly only or one time mows.


  • If you need to skip your service,  you must let us know by 5:00 the day before. We ask that you limit  your skips to no more than 3 per year. If you skip service and your lawn is over 6" tall on your next scheduled mow,  we will add 30% to your regular mowing rate.


  • If you wish to lock your gate, we recommend  that you use a combination lock and provide us with the code or provide us with a key. If your gate is locked on your scheduled service day, we will mow the front and sides and you will be charged the full mowing rate. If you give us a call afterward, on the same day, we will try to come back and mow but can not guarantee that we will be able.


  • In order to sign up for service you must place a credit card or debit card on file for automatic payment. We will charge your account for the balance due on the day of service AFTER  we have completed your lawn service and then email you a receipt.
  • If your card is declined we will try to charge it again on the next day before contacting you. If we can not get in touch with you, we will remove you from our schedule until the account balance is resolved.

Fertilizing and Weed Control:

We offer a six time yearly application fertilizer program.

  • Feb - Our first visit, we will apply a Pre-emergent and spot spray any existing weeds
  • April - Apply fertilizer and spot spray any weeds
  • June - Apply a slow release high potassium fertilizer, spot spray weeds and apply grub control
  • August - Apply  fertilizer and spot spray weeds
  • October - Apply Pre- emergent and post emergent to control cool season weeds
  • Nov - Apply winterizer
  • Application prices are based on lot size. Average price per application is $40.00.

Hedge Trimming and Flower Bed Maintenance:

 We are A&P Lawn, Landscape and Fence. Located in Mansfield, TX, we service most of the Mid-Cities and south DFW.

  • Consists of trimming your hedges
  • Cleanup of clippings
  • Weeding your flower beds
  • Removing leaves, sticks and debris from beds (clean-up)
  • Price is $85.00 per hour  with a one hour minimum then billed in 15 minute increments


  • Not only does mulch beautify your landscape, it offers many benefits to your flower beds such as conserving water by retaining moisture and reducing weeds by blocking out the sunlight. We recommend putting a 2"-4" layer down.
  • We charge $7.00 per bag installed or $90 per cubic yard  delivered and installed.

Seasonal Color:

  • Adding seasonal annuals to your flower beds is a quick way to make them stand out and pop with color. Most people do a two time a year color change in spring and fall. We are more than happy to assist you with a design, based on your input, and installation.
  • We generally charge $30 per flat (18ct.) to purchase, deliver, install, and fertilize seasonal annuals.

Sod Install:

  • Pre-prep of area to be sod (includes leveling of soil)
  • Delivery and installation of sod
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Sod Installs are estimated based on square footage

For a Free Estimate Contact Us or Call Us at 817-223-8769

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A&P Lawn, Landscape and Fence; Located in Mansfield, Texas; we service most of the Mid-Cities and south DFW.