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Bedford Lawn Care and Landscaping

Great Service For Bedford Lawn Care

A&P Lawn and Landscape provides professional Bedford lawn care services. Let A&P give excellent care to your lawn. Our skilled, uniformed teams perform all Bedford lawn care services as scheduled, in spite of your busy life.

A&P helps you whether your intent is just to care for your property or devise a lawn that shows your flair. Our Bedford lawn care team has the skill and experience to ensure excellent results. A&P Lawn and landscape provide remarkable service to customers throughout Bedford.

Bedford Lawn Care From $30 Weekly

Bedford Residential Mowing

A&P offers Bedford lawn care and residential mowing on a weekly or bi-weekly scheduled basis. We do not offer single mowings due to our commitment to our existing clients. Our Bedford lawn care lawn service includes mowing your lawn, line trimming around barriers and edging. A&P performs all work with professional level commercial machinery. After all lawn cutting is performed, A&P blows clippings from doorways, pathways, drives, sidewalks, decks, and patios.

You will appreciate the level of care and respect our Bedford lawn care staff shows your property. All our team members are uniformed and arrive in company trucks. Doing so increases our customer’s protection and peace of mind. A&P does not use day laborers. We will never bring anyone to your property that is not a permanent part of our staff. As you should expect from any professional business, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. With A&P Lawn and Landscaping, you can expect us to act in a professional manner and use professional grade equipment. This is what enables us to give homeowners professional results. If we notice an issue or problem with your lawn we will make you are alerted to it quickly.

Bedford Residential Mowing Starts At $30 Weekly

Lawn Service Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question or concern that is not listed here, feel free to contact us directly.

What Is Your Residential Service Area?

In addition to Bedford, our residential lawn service area includes homes located in Arlington, Benbrook, Burleson, Crowley, Dalworthington Gardens, Euless, Grand Prairie, Hurst, Irving, Kennedale, Mansfield, and Pantego

What Are Your Mowing Rates?

Pricing is based on the unimproved lot size of your property and assumes a relatively flat lot, a minimum amount of debris, average number of obstacles and is correct for 95% of lawns. We will visually inspect your lot before price guarantee. The vast majority of our customers fall into the $30 per week rate

Residential Mowing:

Lot Square Footage:   Price:

10,000 sf or less –        $30

10,000 – 15,000 –        $35

15,001 – 20,000 –        $40

20,001 – 25,000 –        $45

25,000 – 30,000 –        $55

For lots larger than 30,000 square feet, please call 817-223-8769 or Contact Us for a Free Estimate.

When & How Often Will You Mow?

Our mowing season begins the week of February 20th. At this time, we start all our customers on a biweekly schedule. Beginning the week of April 17th, we will automatically switch you to weekly service through the end of September. In October we will return to bi-weekly service until the mowing season ends on December 15th. For customers that need lawn care during the winter months, we have crews available to provide additional mows.

Can I Add Additional Services?

Yes. Our basic lawn service package includes mowing, line trimming, edging and blowing as described above. Customers can add other services we offer by contacting us directly. We will be happy to help you. We have listed our most frequently requested services in this website.

What About Rain Outs And Skipped Service?

Before we begin service with you, we will set up your schedule based on weekly or bi-weekly service. We will work with you to establish your scheduled service days and approximate times. Since we’re in Texas, we do have to adjust for weather events occasionally. If we miss your service due to weather, we will automatically adjust to service your lawn as quickly as possible the same week.

If for some reason you need to skip service one week, you must let us know by 5:00 pm the day prior so that we can adjust our crew schedules. We ask that you limit your skipped service to no more than 3 per mowing season. If you choose to skip service and your lawn is over 6″ tall on your next scheduled mow, we will add 30% to your regular mowing rate.

How Is Payment Handled?

In order to sign up for service, you must place a credit card or debit card on file for automatic payment. We will charge your account for the balance due on the day of service AFTER we have completed your lawn service and then email you a receipt. If the bank declines your credit card, we will try to charge it again on the next day before contacting you. If we can not get in touch with you, we will remove you from our schedule until you can resolve the account balance.

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Additional Lawn Care Services

A&P is proud to offer additional Bedford lawn care services. These services are available as an add on to your existing residential lawn care program. We are not able to offer these services to anyone outside of our scheduled lawn care customers.

Fertilization & Weed Control

In addition to maintaining your lawn with the proper equipment, one other very important aspect is proper application a fertilization & weed control program. Based on the North Texas climate and growing season, we have found that a multi step fertilization and weed control program produces the best results for our clients. This allows us to feed your lawn the proper nutrients at the proper time. Our basic fertilization & weed control program is applied up to six times year. The following date guidelines are used.

Feb – Our first visit, we will apply a Pre-emergent and spot spray any existing weeds
April – Apply fertilizer and spot spray any weeds
June – Apply a slow release high potassium fertilizer, spot spray weeds and apply grub control
August – Apply fertilizer and spot spray weeds
October – Apply Pre-emergent and post emergent to control cool season weeds
Nov – Apply winterizer

Application prices are based on lot size. The average price per application for our customers is $40.00.

Hedge Trimming & Flower Bed Maintenance

Good hedge trimming and flower bed maintenance are some of the small details that can really help a landscape stand out. These services are available from A&P Lawn and Landscape to our scheduled residential customers as an add on service. Whenever you call and arrange for hedge trimming & flower bed maintenance, we will perform the following tasks.

Hedge Trimming – We carefully trim hedges to a uniform appearance.
Remove Clippings – All clippings will be gathered and disposed of
Hand Weeding Of Flower Beds – Paying close attention to avoid injury to existing plants
Removal of Leaves, Sticks & Other Debris – The beds will be “combed” to gather and remove waste material.

The price for the service is $85 per hour. There is a one hour minimum; then billed in 15 minute increments.

Adding Mulch

Not only does mulch beautify your landscape, it offers many benefits to your flower beds such as conserving water by retaining moisture and reducing weeds by blocking out the sunlight. We recommend putting a 2″- 4″ layer down. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Our charge is $7.00 per bag installed or $90 per cubic yard delivered and installed.

Sod Installation

Some homes can benefit from the addition of new sod to a few areas. Others, like new homes, need a complete yard. As a premiere lawn and landscaping company, A&P is an excellent choice for homeowners that want to add sod to their yards. We work with a select few local and gulf coast distributors since our first consideration is quality. Then we carefully grade and prepare the soil to receive the sod. A&P will inspect sprinklers and mark them accordingly to prevent any damage. Next, we roto till the lawn and remove existing grass and weeds. Then A&P hand cuts edges that meet curbing or other hardscaping to ensure a uniform appearance. We soak and roll the SOD with a heavy roller to ensure good connections are made. Pricing for sod installation very depending on size and the turf grass you select. One quick call to A&P Lawn and Landscape will get you a free estimate from one of our landscaping professionals.

Adding Seasonal Color

Let A&P Lawn and Landscape show you how to brighten up entries, walkways and other focal points on your property with splashes of seasonal color. These eye-catching plants can enhance the space and add real curb appeal. Most of our customers choose to add these plants two times per year; Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Don’t fret over the design or selections. We are more than happy to assist you with a plan, based on your input, and handle all the installation. Our is charge $30 per flat (18ct.) to purchase, deliver, install, and fertilize seasonal annuals.

Sprinkler System Repair

An in ground sprinkler system is a wonderful modern convenience. But occasionally, things break and need repair. A&P Lawn and Landscape can assist its customers with any needed repair from timers to broken spray heads. During our normal service of your lawn, we will be alert for signs of a broken or malfunctioning system. When we spot an issue, we will alert you to the problem and offer solutions. Once you’ve approved the repair, our crews will get to work to fast to make the repairs. Pricing is based on the nature of each problem and the complexity to resolve it. No repairs will ever be made without your approval.

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