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residential lawn care
A&P Lawn and Landscape thinks there’s just no reason to put up with less-than-wonderful residential lawn care. Dense, healthy turf doesn’t materialize by accident. It’s the result of timely feeding, watering, and regular maintenance. The reliable residential lawn care services provided by A&P Lawn and Landscape not only create a luxurious carpet of grass, but they also offer your first and most natural line of defense against weeds, insects, disease and other lawn problems. Preventing them from occurring is always easier than dealing with them after they rear their ugly heads.

Of course, even the most meticulously tended lawns can have occasional outbreaks of weeds, a problem with grubs, or something else. After all, you can’t entirely control nature. So we at A&P Lawn and Landscape also offer our customers comprehensive services to help ensure that you always have the right solution for whatever problem arises.

Few things make a home look as spectacular as a lush, manicured, lawn. Aside from making your neighbors green with envy, a fabulous yard is also an excellent stage for many of life’s most treasured moments, from summer birthday parties to a lazy neighborhood cookout, to junior’s first game of catch with dad. Contact A&P Lawn and Landscape today and get started on a great lawn.

A&P Residential Lawn & Landscape Services

You’ve found the best source for residential lawn and landscaping services in Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield, TX. You will quickly see that A&P is much more than a great lawn mowing service. Our skilled craftsmen are able to provide area homeowners professional results with any lawn or landscaping project. Some of the areas in which we excel are listed below. Simply click on any image for additional information.

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